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Fairfax, Virginia


Location: Wakefield Forest Elementary School

Tryout Times posted week of June 19, 2017

For more information contact: David Kelly







10U-Burrini  Coach: Erica Burrini 

12U-Knapp   Coach: Dennis Knapp  

14U-Meyer   Coach: Tom Meyer  

16U-Pilch    Coach: Mark Pilch  

18U-Gallagher     Coach: Paul Gallagher  

18U-Elite Kelly/Wilsey   Coach: Dave Kelly 


Firebirds 06 -

Firebirds '06 (10U)

Head Coach: Ericka Burrini

Assistant Coach: Michael Abromavage & Lara Sabo

The Firebirds 10U team is a team of young girls taking their first steps into the world of travel softball. The coaches stress fundamental skills, game knowledge, and competitive focus at a developmental level, all while trying to grow in the girls their love for the game. 

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The 10u Team had a successful Fall season with a 28-2 record winning 5 consecutive tournaments! 



Firebirds '04 (12U)

Head Coach: Dennis Knapp

The Firebirds 04 team is a group of talented and promising young players who are growing together in the world of travel softball, with big intentions.  The 12u team continues to work on fundamentals and mechanics. Hard work and dedication on the field leads to success off the field.

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The 12u team had a successful Fall Season winning 3 tournaments and a runner up in a 4th tourney!



 Firebirds '02 (14U)                                          

 Head Coach: Tom Meyer

 Assistant Coach: Michael Cerami

We focus not only on the fundamentals of the game (e.g., hitting, throwing, and fielding), but also advanced skills and strategies in preparation for high school softball.  Our team is dedicated to teaching and learning softball, teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship.  We believe these skills translate into success on and off the softball field and help prepare our players to be successful acheiving individuals. Parents, players, and coaches commit significant time and resources to achieving our goals.  Team chemistry reflects hard work,dedication, and a love for the game.


Learn more about our team here:


 Firebirds (16U) 

Head Coach: Mark Pilch

Assistant Coach: Blaine Lankford

 The 16U Firebirds love softball.  That love of the game drives each of our players  to work hard to be the best player and teammate she can be.  Teamwork and sportsmanship are the cornerstones of the 16U Firebirds.  Our coaches strive to help each player reach her  potential and in doing so maximize the performance  of the team .  We intend for the 16U Firebirds experience to catapult our players to success with their High School teams and beyond.

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Firebirds 03 - 14U Lankford and Meyer

Firebirds 18U 

Head Coach:  Paul Gallagher

The 18U Team is a team  of high school age players who play the game cause they love to play. The fundamentals and work ethic they've learned starting at 10u have led them to play successful softball and to be team players on and off the field. 




Firebirds 03 - 14U Lankford and Meyer

Firebirds 18U Elite

Head Coach: Dave Kelly

Assistant Coach: Dave Wilsey

The 18U Team is a team dedicated to getting our players ready to play at the next level by strengthening core softball skills as well as encouraging everyone to be responsible for their own development. Players will attend a variety of different high schools in the region and we hope to foster leadership qualities in each of our players that will help them both on the field as well as off the field.

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